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VR: An Immersive Experience

VR: An Immersive Experience Posted by on Jun 8, 2017

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Amazing life of Crusoe the Dachshund

Amazing life of Crusoe the Dachshund Posted by on Nov 2, 2013

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Babs Windsor’s Funniest Jackpotjoy Ads

Babs Windsor’s Funniest Jackpotjoy Ads Posted by on May 17, 2013

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Why You Should Play Bingo Chat Games and...

Why You Should Play Bingo Chat Games and Tournaments Posted by on Jan 14, 2018

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New Casino Overcomes High Competition

New Casino Overcomes High Competition Posted by on Sep 25, 2018

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Introduction in WSOP

Jun 28, 13 Introduction in WSOP

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Soccer has World Cup, basketball has NBA Finals, football has Super Bowl and for poker, the main event of the year is the WSOP, also known as the World Series of Poker. Every poker players wants to be part of it, and they all have only one aim – to be the World’s Best Poker Player. The only place in the world where dreams about that does can become reality is in Las Vegas where every pro and amateur poker player goes to be part of WSOP. Once they are in, it’s anyone game. You’ll never know who is going to be next Jamie Gold, Joe Cada or Jonathan Duhamel.

When we are speaking about WSOP poker, almost everybody instantly think about Las Vegas, but there’s actually a series of many event before that main event.

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Ten Biggest Casinos in the World

Jun 12, 13 Ten Biggest Casinos in the World

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Casinos have always been synonymous for the splendor and magnificent architectural building which involve the use of modern technology. Although most of the people will immediately think of Las Vegas, but only one of the ten largest casinos is located there. The reason for that lies in the remarkable development of online gambling,...

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Babs Windsor’s Funniest Jackpotjoy Ads

May 17, 13 Babs Windsor’s Funniest Jackpotjoy Ads

Posted by in Funny Videos

She’s the pint-sized Walford landlady-turned-bingo queen, and this week Babs Windsor is back in another hilarious ad for Jackpotjoy. This time around it isn’t online bingo she’s touting, but a brand new online game from the UK’s leading bingo site called Quickity Pick. The Quickity Pick ad sees Babs hosting her very own saucy gameshow, complete with three very special contestants.

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Search for the Right Job finding Resources

May 13, 13 Search for the Right Job finding Resources

Posted by in Articles

Job search is one most challenging task one’s life. Here are some of the popular internet accessible job finding resources which might play a vital role in helping you to find the exact type of job you want for yourself. Are you searching for a good paying job? It appears that the employment market is steadily trying to emerge its...

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Caring for an iPhone is Easy

May 07, 13 Caring for an iPhone is Easy

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A protective cover is what keeps the rest of the phone from getting scratched up. There are some covers meant to be decorative only, with colors, characters, designs and shapes on the outside to make the phone look snazzy. However, a full service cover will absorb the shock if it falls to the concrete floor in the garage, hits the sidewalk or gets dropped on the table by your toddler. Not having a cover could mean you will have an expensive iPhone repair or have to replace the phone completely. A cover doesn’t protect it from instances of being dropped in the water, however, so even more coverage should be included if you could fall in to that fate.

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Maruti Ertiga – The Cost Effective Car

May 06, 13 Maruti Ertiga – The Cost Effective Car

Posted by in Misc, pics

Maruti Limited has introduced its first utility car in the name of Ertiga. The Maruti Ertiga competes with various other brands such as Toyota Innova Neo, Chevrolet Tavera and the Tata Aria. Maruti Ertiga has opened its alluring features to a whole new segment of clients and it appears that the car has all the apt ingredients to it.

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Top 10 Funniest Car Bumper Stickers

Apr 24, 13 Top 10 Funniest Car Bumper Stickers

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When you’re asked at school what you wish to do as an occupation once you leave, you usually try to be witty and say something such as “a chocolate tester” or “a game tester”, as these jobs sound amazing when you’re young – saying that, these jobs are any fully-grown man’s dream, never mind a child’s. But after re-valuating, we reckon we want to be the person who has to come up with car bumper sticker slogan; because you know it’s a fun day at the office if that’s your job.

It’s time to polish your vintage car as no car is complete without a bumper sticker, regardless how expensive it is. And lucky for you we have compiled a nice little list of some of the more funny ones – 10 to be exact.
Come on, we had to start our top 10 list of somewhere didn’t we. It’s funny and quirky isn’t it? We promise the car bumper stickers do indeed get better as we go along – well, slightly

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Importance of MPG Comparison

Apr 20, 13 Importance of MPG Comparison

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Before you buy or sell a car is crucial to arm yourself with an expert knowledge. To find what market offering in your neighborhood simple enter your zip code, vehicle, model and price range and IseeCars.com is going to find for you all that is available. IseeCars.com provides almost every information such as specification of certain model, expert reviews, side-by-side comparisons with plenty of safety details and information on new or used vehicles. There’s also many other car quote services on internet, but perhaps the biggest advantage is clear and well done the MPG comparison page at ISeeCars.com. It’s a perfect tool for gas mileage comparison to help you compare the mpg or gas mileage across different cars and different car categories.

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10 Most Expensive Vintage Cars

Apr 10, 13 10 Most Expensive Vintage Cars

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There is not a lot of passion in this world such as a passion for vintage cars. Worldwide fans of vintage cars gather at various auctions competing to enhance their collections for one more piece. Thus, for example, some car models reach astronomical figures, because of rarity and due to its glorious past. Many celebrities have a...

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How to Prepare Your Computer for Sale

Apr 07, 13 How to Prepare Your Computer for Sale

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The computer market is changing rapidly and prices are extremely competitive, so it may be time for you to let go of your old workhorse and move up to a newer model. Before you let go of your old computer, though, there are some steps you should take before transferring or donating it to a new owner.

If you are going to donate your computer, the wisest course of action would be to send it to a refurbisher. The refurbisher will make sure the computer is in good working order, install any applicable upgrades and make sure that any programs installed are legal copies.
If you want to sell electronics online, there are many sites to choose from.

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Save Time with Online Classifieds

Apr 06, 13 Save Time with Online Classifieds

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For any person who is looking to purchase or sell anything, online classifieds are the best way to go for it. Going for a classified ad in the newspaper requires the seller to pay for the ads and then bring it to the notice of the buyers however, with online classifieds, a large number of websites do not charge the buyer or seller with any money either to place a classified or to view a classified. Thus, internet has surely attracted a majority of people who wish to place their ads online.

There are some online classifieds which enable the people to post their ads free of costs such as free ads in Bangalore. The advertisers enjoy

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$200 to Leave Facebook for Five Months

Apr 04, 13 $200 to Leave Facebook for Five Months

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The social networks are the drug of the new millennium. Everybody is agreed with that thesis. And to prove that is the case we have fresh example of a father and daughter from Boston. The girl, age 14, was practically risen on the social networks such as many of other kids these days, but what came as a surprise is that she’s...

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