Cool New Ways to Get Gaming

One industry that hasn’t been shy in embracing the latest leaps forward in technology is gaming. Not just console gaming, but casino gaming, sports betting, bingo, slots – the entire gaming sphere. Bingo is a perfect example – not too long ago the only place you could daub off those numbers and listen to a man call out “two fat ladies!” was at your local bingo hall – a bricks and mortar establishment usually found in shopping parks – you remember them?

And casinos too. Fancy a flutter ten years ago and the only place you could roll those dice or spin the roulette wheel was by becoming a member of a casino in your city. Just a few short years later and, thanks to the industry’s faith in new technologies, there are more ways to get your gaming fix than ever before.

Just take a look at a gaming and betting portal like Completebetting.com. It aims to collect together all the info gamers need, as a resource for how to play and where to play. Its gaming selection is incredibly broad – from live casino games like Blackjack and roulette, to 3D slots, available online, via mobile or tablet. It shows you just how far gaming has come.

So we’ve taken a look at some of the latest advancements to bring you a roundup of the freshest ways to play in 2013.

Going mobile

We’re now an app-obsessed world, and it’s easy to see why. Games on the go means no more boring commutes, and it’s great for killing time at the bus stop, or while you’re waiting for your mates down the pub. Gaming apps are being added by every gaming site worth its salt, and some are pushing the gaming-on-the-go angle even further. Betfair’s latest ad shows you that it’s not just traditional 2D casino games that are available to play on the move – these days you can actually play live casino games too. That means playing with a real dealer, via video streaming – taking live gaming to the next level.

Social network it

Nothing kills time better than Facebook, right? In fact, it can be a little too absorbing. And nothing kills time better than putting your fingers and mental agility to the test with your favourite game, right? So what if the two combined? Then you get literally millions of people playing the latest Facebook gaming apps. From Candy Crush to bingo and slots, you can now play along with your Facebook friends – and plenty of these games are available to play via social networking sites on your smartphone too, not just on your PC or laptop.

On the telly

Ever dreamt of being on the telly? Well now you can be. Sort of. An increasing number of casino games – like live roulette and blackjack – are available to play via TV now. So if you’re a lucky winner you’ll have your name emblazoned across that screen. It’s a fresh way to play live casino games, with your dealer interacting with you live via your TV – we’ve gotta admit, it’s pretty exciting.

Who knows where gaming’s headed next? Place your bets!

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