VIDEO: Most Dangerous Road to School

Dec 07, 11 VIDEO: Most Dangerous Road to School

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Tashkurgan County is the farthest west county in Xinjiang, China’s farthest west province. High in the Pamir Mountains, Pili Village in Tashkurgan has only 80 schoolkids. The nearest school is 160 miles away, and they can only reach the main road to get to this school by traversing 40 miles of some of the most forbidding terrain...

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America, Meet China

Nov 03, 11 America, Meet China

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In 2000, “Harvard Girl”, a how-to guide for Ivy League hopefuls, climbed to the top of China’s best-selling book list. The book was written by the parents of a Chinese girl admitted to Harvard University, and a whole new genre of copycat books rose in its wake. While most would argue that America’s educational system still...

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The World’s Longest Sea Bridge

Jul 05, 11 The World’s Longest Sea Bridge

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The world’s longest sea bridge is the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, located in China. The bridge links the offshore island of Huangdao and China’s eastern port city of Qingdao. The bridge is 26.4 miles (42.5km) long....

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Chinese Can Sleep Anywhere

Jan 13, 10 Chinese Can Sleep Anywhere

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SLEEPING CHINESE In China the city’s streets and sidewalks are littered with brazen nappers. Some take shelter in a truck’s undercarriage, others use bricks for...

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