5 Most Iconic Cars in the Movies

Aug 25, 13 5 Most Iconic Cars in the Movies

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There are movies where cars overshadow even the greatest movie stars. Whether it is about the mighty chase scene along some city in America, or if it’s a spy thriller, cars have become an integral part of the movies for a long time. Some movies directors even choose types of cars according their leading roles to be compatible,...

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Importance of MPG Comparison

Apr 20, 13 Importance of MPG Comparison

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Before you buy or sell a car is crucial to arm yourself with an expert knowledge. To find what market offering in your neighborhood simple enter your zip code, vehicle, model and price range and IseeCars.com is going to find for you all that is available. IseeCars.com provides almost every information such as specification of certain model, expert reviews, side-by-side comparisons with plenty of safety details and information on new or used vehicles. There’s also many other car quote services on internet, but perhaps the biggest advantage is clear and well done the MPG comparison page at ISeeCars.com. It’s a perfect tool for gas mileage comparison to help you compare the mpg or gas mileage across different cars and different car categories.

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10 Most Expensive Vintage Cars

Apr 10, 13 10 Most Expensive Vintage Cars

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There is not a lot of passion in this world such as a passion for vintage cars. Worldwide fans of vintage cars gather at various auctions competing to enhance their collections for one more piece. Thus, for example, some car models reach astronomical figures, because of rarity and due to its glorious past. Many celebrities have a...

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Thailand is Ready For Flood

Jan 12, 12 Thailand is Ready For Flood

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People and animals on Thailand are prepared for...

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Giant Cows Made From Car Parts

Sep 07, 11 Giant Cows Made From Car Parts

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Helsinki-based sculptor Miina Äkkijyrkkä’s sculptures are immense. She bought dozens of used vehicles and uses the colorful scraps to form these towering bovines that at times look coincidentally like an At At from Star...

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