World’s Strongest Alcohols

This article is about some of world strongest alcohols liquors. Everclear, absinthe, vodka, whiskey,  gim and rum.

Everclear is a potent type of grain alcohol, that is available at concentrations of 75.5% alcohol and unbelievable 95% alcohol (190 proof, the highest proof alcohol that can exist without evaporating). Just to compare with some other hard liquors such as rum and vodka, which typically contain 40%–60% alcohol.
Because of hes strength it became popular amongst college students.
Its banned in some states, but in those where is legal to buy it, you can find him in 750ml bottle for just over $20, what is very good price for hes strength.
Everclear is commonly added to a variety of other drinks, such as soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice, and iced tea. Everclear is also used in cooking because alcohol extracts flavors exceptionally well. It is used to make custom liqueurs such as rosé or limoncello. It is infused with fruit and then diluted with simple syrup to 30% alcohol

Absinthe is also one strong alcohol drink, with 50%-75% of alcohol. Actual content varies by brand. For example Hills Absinth and King of Spirits Absinth a contains 70%.
Most absintheurs drink absinthe the traditional way: louched with water poured over a cube of white sugar. Some drink absinthe that was poured over sugar that is subsequently set alight (though absinthe purists decry this practice), and a few even like drinking absinthe neat (brave souls!). Absinthe cocktails, too, have long been a favorite way to enjoy this special drink. More recently, absinthe even found its way into ice cream sundaes and Swiss chocolates.
Absinthe has long been believed to be hallucinogenic, but today it is known that absinthe does not cause hallucinations, especially ones similar to those described in 19th century studies.
Like Everclear and Absinthe is banned in lots of countrys.

Vodka comes from Easter Europe (Russia, Poland, Ukraine). Usually has an alcohol content of 35% to 50% by volume.
Name Vodka comes from the Russian “voda” (eng. water). Its also know as “Russian national drink”. Its popularity elsewhere owes much to its usefulness in cocktails and other mixed drinks, such as the Bloody Mary, the Screwdriver, the vodka tonic, vodka martini, and most recently vodka red bull.

Whiskeys do not mature in the bottle, only in the cask, so the “age” of a whisky is the time between distillation and bottling. Standard percent of alcohol is 40% (Jack Daniels). Some of the higher end stuff is cask strength. Knob Creek is 50%, and Booker’s is around 62%.

Gin usually contains 40% of alcohol, but some like Tanqueray are 48.5%. As other hard liquors is mixed into cocktails with sweeter ingredients like tonic water or vermouth to balance this dryness.

Usually 35% percent of alcohol. Its a distilled beverage made from sugarcane by-products such as molasses and sugarcane juice by a process of fermentation and distillation. The distillate, a clear liquid, is then usually aged in oak and other barrels.


  1. Lots of rum is more than 35% alcohol…. E.g. Kraken is 47%, Sailor Jerry is 46%, and Captain Morgan is 50%.

  2. In LCBO they sell a drink called “Global Alcool 94” that is 94% alcohol. It is clear and basically tastes like rubbing alcohol.

  3. nicnac /

    spirytus rektyfikowany has 96,5% alcohol

  4. Bridget hannigan /

    Love how you completely missed Wray & Nephews 100% white rum ,distilled in Jamaica only available in friendlier out lets and urban off licences Maybe you could buy it online

    • Bob Bertrand /

      Why don’t you say its 273% alcohol idiot. The company that you mention’s web site, which I believe to be true, which makes you a liar, says 63%, and not your laughable 100%. People all over the world now think you are a lying idiot.

  5. Anand /

    http://www.vgulp.com/blog/2015-03-27/Strongest-alcoholic-beverages/ – Here is a list of 11 of the strongest alcoholic beverages in the world.

  6. Robert /

    We have recently launched Strane London Dry Gin Uncut, which at 76% we suspect maybe the strongest available. Anyone aware of a stronger gin?

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