Tips for Setting Up Your eCommerce Store Design Through WordPress

Oct 08, 13 Tips for Setting Up Your eCommerce Store Design Through WordPress

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WordPress is one of the more common platforms for web design, even for eCommerce stores. It offers a number of features, allowing even absolute beginners to establish professional looking websites. However, if you are just getting started in your eCommerce store development, you will want to know these tips to get the most...

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Cool Booklets

Mar 27, 13 Cool Booklets

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Booklets can be very useful for passing information and in advertising field generally. Typical booklet has a small amount of text, and big wide photos that explain your business vision, or present your product in best possible way. So, the content needs to be short, but beautiful pictures with bright color are what going to draw readers’ attention. Booklets are used as guides for your business or some kind of flyers that in short statement gives readers a brief but concise idea about your business.

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Totally Weird Wallet Design

Jan 26, 11 Totally Weird Wallet Design

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A a stack of money? NO, it is your wallet, your totally weird wallet...

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Awesome Looking Garage Doors

Feb 15, 10 Awesome Looking Garage Doors

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Styling your garage, come up by a Germany Company, offers a range of photo tarpaulins that you can stick on your garage door to try to convince your neighbors that you actually own a boat or a Formula 1 racing car…or a horse. The new photo tarpaulins from that company can give monochrome up-and-over garage doors a whole new look....

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Worst Designed Logos

Mar 18, 09 Worst Designed Logos

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[WARNING: dirty words herein] Here is list of 10 worst designed logos ever. I really don’t know what was in the mind of the designers at the time they came up with this logos… Are they blind or what? However, fun is guaranteed by watching this.   10. Bottom Logo If you cant see – its Japanese house in front of...

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