Top 10 Funniest Car Bumper Stickers

Apr 24, 13 Top 10 Funniest Car Bumper Stickers

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When you’re asked at school what you wish to do as an occupation once you leave, you usually try to be witty and say something such as “a chocolate tester” or “a game tester”, as these jobs sound amazing when you’re young – saying that, these jobs are any fully-grown man’s dream, never mind a child’s. But after re-valuating, we reckon we want to be the person who has to come up with car bumper sticker slogan; because you know it’s a fun day at the office if that’s your job.

It’s time to polish your vintage car as no car is complete without a bumper sticker, regardless how expensive it is. And lucky for you we have compiled a nice little list of some of the more funny ones – 10 to be exact.
Come on, we had to start our top 10 list of somewhere didn’t we. It’s funny and quirky isn’t it? We promise the car bumper stickers do indeed get better as we go along – well, slightly

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WTF Pregnancy Pics

Sep 14, 11 WTF Pregnancy Pics

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Weird and funny pregnancy...

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Dec 10, 10 Funny People in Subways

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Nov 17, 10 Most Stupid Warning Labels

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Creepy Things Schools are Doing to Students

Oct 18, 10 Creepy Things Schools are Doing to Students

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Why do students have to use a hall pass? Because all schools enforce policies that don’t make much sense. What’s all this hubbub about hand raising, for instance? And, for the love of Mike, why can’t you enjoy a smoke in the privacy of the bathroom? These problems have plagued kids for years. But today it’s worse than ever....

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