The Poker Tells You Need To Keep Your Eyes Out For

The online casino industry has been completely transformed over the last decade. It’s become an industry worth billions and millions upon millions of players are now enjoying Betfred promo codes, online slots, blackjack and, of course poker.

While some games, such as online slots are games that anyone can play, based upon luck rather than skill, others require plenty of skill. Especially if you’re then going to play them offline.

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Poker is certainly one of those games and while knowing the rules is the most important aspect of poker, you also need to be able to bluff, and spot bluffs too. In the case of the latter, that really is an art. That’s why we’ve pulled together tips from a series of experts for you to learn how to spot the tell…

Hesitations and Pauses

When an opponent has a strong hand, they’re more likely to pause and be more hesitant than if they have a weak one. These pauses are easy to spot and usually involve a lot of stop start movements as well as either betting or raising before putting chips down. This is all to make you feel like they aren’t sure whether their hand is good enough, luring you into a false sense of security.

On the other hand, players with weak hands are much more likely to place their bets quickly, avoiding being studied for any longer than is required as well as trying to showcase a more confident outlook.

Double Checking Hole Cards

Let’s face it, as soon as we’re dealt our hole cards, one look will tell us exactly what they are. Yet so frequently you’ll see people checking them. They’re not going to have changed!

When a player does that though, it could be revealing to you as an opposing player. For players you are waiting to place their bet, or perhaps may even check and take a look at their hole cards before making that decision will tend to have weaker hands.

Those players who check their hole cards after placing a bet, especially a larger bet, it will typically indicate that a player has a strong card and they’re relooking to relax and be reassured about the bet they’ve just placed.


You’ll often find people goading with inexperienced players and it is all part of the mind games. Many of the more brash professionals also use this technique and it can signify a number of things. When someone is goading after making a big bet, then it’s almost certain that they have a strong hand, as they ultimately have very little to lose.

It’s incredibly rare that you see this behaviour among weak handed players as ultimately if it doesn’t pay off then you’re going to look very silly when you lose after poking other players for the last five to 10 minutes.

Defensively Moving

One of the real telltale signs of a weak hand is when you’re placing your bet and you already see another player with their hand on their chips ready to call. It tells us there’s a lack of thought going into their play and they’re just doing what they can to try and show confidence in their hand.

Other movements which can suggest a weaker hand include small chip movements before then being aggressive, which can try and make an opponent subliminary think they’re all of a sudden interested in the pot following the turn on the river. Other movements can be more subtle, such as staring in quite an intense manner after checking, or sitting awkward or uncomfortably.

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