Social Media and the Rise of Social Gaming

Aug 19, 16 Social Media and the Rise of Social Gaming

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Social media is something we all seem to use these days. Whether we are sharing images, or letting our views be known on the latest news, it is easy to do. Another thing that is easy to do using social media is play games, and because of this ease of use, this has become one of the most popular things to do on Facebook. When...

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$200 to Leave Facebook for Five Months

Apr 04, 13 $200 to Leave Facebook for Five Months

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The social networks are the drug of the new millennium. Everybody is agreed with that thesis. And to prove that is the case we have fresh example of a father and daughter from Boston. The girl, age 14, was practically risen on the social networks such as many of other kids these days, but what came as a surprise is that she’s...

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The History of Social Media

Mar 07, 13 The History of Social Media

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Here’s a visually organized look at the past 30 years or so of social media history, from Usenet to AIM to Friendster and beyond. This particular infographic comes with some fun facts; for example, did you know that the first version of MySpace was coded in just 10...

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Facebook’s First 10 Users

Mar 07, 13 Facebook’s First 10 Users

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Facebook recently celebrate ninth birthday. Meet the students, also known “First 10”, who celebrated its birth, and find out where they are now. 1. Mark Zuckerberg He actually holds the user ID number four, because the first three accounts has been blocked for testing purpose. Zuckerberg solidified his control over the company...

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Social Media Sneakers

Nov 15, 11 Social Media Sneakers

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Which one you like most? Source:...

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