$200 to Leave Facebook for Five Months

The social networks are the drug of the new millennium. Everybody is agreed with that thesis. And to prove that is the case we have fresh example of a father and daughter from Boston. The girl, age 14, was practically risen on the social networks such as many of other kids these days, but what came as a surprise is that she’s agreed, in formal way, with her father to stop using Facebook for five months. We can only imagine how Mark Zuckerberg panicking right now to lose one of the users, and how is he desperate to stop father of the girl in his intention. In exchange, because this sacrifice is not free, the girl has gained $50 to sign the agreement and to receive $150 more on the day the contract expires. If girl don’t respect agreement she will have to return full amount.


At some point in the modern era parents lost authority and the social network took charge of rising the new generations. That is the problem most parents these days have with their own children. At least, as regards to Paul Baier, a father form Boston who has found a way to stop his daughter from using the Facebook. Baier has announced a contract with her daughter in which he agrees to pay $ 200, as long as his daughter doesn’t use Facebook for five months. “The idea was entirely hers. She wanted to save money, and have noticed that Facebook is a distraction and often a waste of time, ” Baier said to the local newspaper. She wanted to be paid about $70 for a break of a few weeks, but the father has managed to extend the agreement, and remove his daughter from the famous social network. New research shows that the number of the teens in U.S. who spend hours and hours at the computer is above 85%. And that is alarming indicator.


With 200 dollars, Baier has the full access to the account of his daughter for whole five months. Whether he will change the password or not it’s totally up to him. But, he said that he will do that, just to ensure that his daughter does not connect from any computer, whether at home, at school or from her mobile phone. On the June 26, 2013 she will get a full amount, and she will be able to use her account once again. This agreement of Baiers has sparked mixed reactions: some have accused him of being an idiot, while others believe that he has done good thing, and that it’s a good way to reward his daughter’s maturity. Somebody suggest that she will open another account, collect $ 200, and still have a free hand on the social networks. We cannot rule out that options, but word is a word, or at least was back in the days…

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