Top 10 Funniest Car Bumper Stickers

When you’re asked at school what you wish to do as an occupation once you leave, you usually try to be witty and say something such as “a chocolate tester” or “a game tester”, as these jobs sound amazing when you’re young – saying that, these jobs are any fully-grown man’s dream, never mind a child’s. But after re-valuating, we reckon we want to be the person who has to come up with car bumper sticker slogan; because you know it’s a fun day at the office if that’s your job.

It’s time to polish your vintage car as no car is complete without a bumper sticker, regardless how expensive it is. And lucky for you we have compiled a nice little list of some of the more funny ones – 10 to be exact.

What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it’s all about?

Come on, we had to start our top 10 list of somewhere didn’t we. It’s funny and quirky isn’t it? We promise the car bumper stickers do indeed get better as we go along – well, slightly.

Speeding Due to Gorilla’s Finger

The chances are if you are speeding and get pulled over by the police, saying you were speeding as you needed to choke a rat is probably not going to cut it (LOL, no pun intended), but it would be hilarious to watch none the less. Oh, if you do decide to give it a go, please get back to us, we would love to know how it went.

Has Anyone Seen my Cat?

It’s all fun and games until a crazy cat lady steps out of her car and rags you out of yours. But with the being said, we are sure there will only be a 10% chance of that ever happening. We think it’s definitely worth the risk. The person should always carry a cat teddy and place it under one of the back wheels every time the car is parked.

Is Your Sister Home by Any Chance?

Oh no he didn’t! Yeah, we’ve gone there. Only thing we are missing is a momma joke, but saying that, there are another 7 pictures to go so anything can happen. Psh, what can you do? We guess if you are one of those people to shake their heads after reading this then you need to lighten up. And the chances are no one likes you. We joke.

Pull My Hair, Please

This bumper stick is amazing if you’re a female, but not so funny if you’re a male. Well, that is if you like things up your rusty sheriff’s badge. But saying that, we would stick it on our car as we would love to see the looks on people’s faces.

Who Let One Go?

If all else fails just bring out the toilet humour as it always does the trick. Quite clever this one, and we can’t believe we didn’t think of it ourselves. We wonder if people crash more by reading these? I bet they will end up getting banned at some point in the future.

You Want to Shove That Phone Where?

We’re sorry that we couldn’t find a picture of this bumper sticker on an actual car, but we are sure you have an imagination. It amazes us how many people still drive while on the phone, so much in fact that every car should have this funny bumper sticker as a default sticker.

Reward for Missing Dog?

Now this is a fun one to play on the missus. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you when you’re making yourself dinner for the next two weeks and you’re sleeping on the sofa. Get her told, you’re the man in the house, right? Saying that, if you “got her told”, the chances are best leave it a month before asking to sleep in the bed again.

Want to Meet Jesus?

Again, sorry for the lack of car, but we just had to get this one on the list as its genius. Who knew Christians could be funny. Don’t worry we’re Christians so it’s ok to mock them. Let’s hope their leader does not smite us down. Then again, we need to “text and drive” for that to happen, right?

Single Women can’t Fart

You women love to demoralise us men when it comes to car bumper stickers. It’s you lot and religious people by the sounds of it from the images we have been through. Us men like to take the moral high grounds as we’re more mature.

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