Top 10 Most Bizarre Items Thrown on a Football Pitch

List of 10 most bizarre items thrown on a football (soccer) pitch.

1. Pig Head

In the year 2000, Portuguese superstar Luis Figo left FC Barcelona to play for arch rival Real Madrid in the first ever Galacticos squad.

After Figo left, Barcelona fans always heckled him whenever he returned for El Clasico, and in 2002, the fans really went after Figo, as on a corner kick, the Barcelona faithful started throwing coins, a bottle of Jim Beam, and a Pig Head towards Figo, causing the players to be taken off the pitch for 13 minutes for their own safety.

2. Scooter

Football match in Italy between Inter Milan and Atalanta, Inter fans stole a scooter from an Atalanta fan before the match and snuck it into the stadium. Afterwards, the fans took the scooter into the upper deck of the San Siro and after failing to light it on fire, the fans then threw the scooter into an empty section of the lower deck with the intention of the scooter reaching the pitch.

3. Rabbit

Cyprus, Apoel VS Omonia Nicosia. Omonia fans nicknamed Apoel fans “the orange rabbits”… Really bizarre provocation.

4. Vibrators

Crazy fans in Argentina thrown vibrators on the pitch!

5. Live pig

We don’t have many information about this, only that it happened somewhere in Poland.

6. Whiskey Bottle

Span, 2006. Atletico Madrid VS Sevilla. We can bet this bottle was empty when they thrown it 🙂

7. Donuts

Hajduk Split (Croatia) fans protesting against their club president by throwing donuts on a pitch. Presidents is also owner of a bakery in Split.

8. Beach balls

Celtis VS Glasgow (Scotland).

9. Tennis balls

Fans in Slovenia throwing tennis balls on a pitch.

10. Carrots


Iraklis vs. Panathinaikos (Greece).

BONUS: Pig and cockerel (Irish cup final 1985)


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