How to Start Your Own Country

Maybe today is different. Rather than being a citizen of your present state, you’d rather create your own. It’s not entirely easy, but below, you’ll find plenty of information to start you off. For example, you do have the 160 followers necessary to (even) begin consideration, right? Secondly, your state needs to be at least 12 miles from the coast of another nation as well as 200 miles beyond other nations’ ‘economic zones.’

Moreover, you’ll have to consider extras like a national anthem, a flag, laws, and Internet connection. In 2010, Africa became the first state to use submerged fiber cables to usher Internet to its people. Google continues to work with a number of solutions, including Internet ‘clouds’ to help bring Web access to people of third-world and remote countries.

Be like Roy Paddy Bates, one of the founders of Sealand, no larger than the size of a baseball diamond and residing off the coast of the UK in the North Sea. In 2007, the Bates family attempted to sell the island to no avail, still ruling it to this day. Is today different? It’s possible you’re destined to start your own nation; but, begin by reading the following information below.

How To Start Your Own Country

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