Top 10 Reasons Why Online Poker Rocks

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard about online poker, as it’s gotten plenty of press (both good and bad) in recent years, with millions of players logging on each and every year to play at sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. Online poker is simple to learn, fun to play, and a potential way to earn some serious money without ever leaving your home. With no further ado, we give you the top 10 reasons why online poker rocks.


10. Matt Damon Plays Poker

Whether you want to be like Matt Damon or sleep with Matt Damon, he’s shown more than a passing fancy for poker since his Rounders days, playing in the World Series of Poker Main Event and at other poker charity tournaments over the years. Other well-known celebrities such Jason Alexander, Ben Affleck, and Brad Garrett are often spotted at the poker table as well, so it’s a trendy sport to be a part of.

9. You Can Make a Full-Time Living While Wearing Only Your Underwear

Other than models that work for Calvin Klein or Victoria’s Secret, it’s pretty difficult to hold down a job that you can do in your underwear. Online poker is one exception to the rule, with top players making well over $100,000/year while playing from the comfort of their own home in a clothing-optional setting.

8. Gambling is Fun

Poker is definitely a game of skill in the long run, but luck does play a factor in your short term results. It’s definitely a rush to see you hit that one card you needed on the river to win a huge pot, and the best money in the wold is money you win gambling. Compared to mindlessly playing slots, poker is a blast, and is one of the few gambling games that you can consistently profit from in the long run if you’re good enough.

7. Hot Chicks Play Poker

Shannon Elizabeth plays poker. Paris Hilton plays poker. Jennifer Tilly plays poker. Liv Boeree plays poker. ‘Nuff said.

6. Train Your Brain

Poker has been proven to improve a wide range of brain functions, including short-term memory, concentration, and math skills. Poker may look like a simple game on the surface but winning players must constantly calculate their odds at various stages of a hand as well as pick up on betting tendencies based on how opponents have played their hands in the past.

5. Get a Cool Nickname

Want an awesome nickname like “Texas Dolly”, “Amarillo Slim”, or “The Cincinnati Kid”? Those are just a few of the poker nicknames of great players both real and fictional, and all you have to do is play Texas Holdem poker if you want to get in line for a nickname of your own.

4. Become a TV Star

ESPN and other networks broadcast a wide range of poker tournaments and shows, so one of the best (and realistic) ways to get your smiling mug on television is to sharpen up your poker skills.

3. Travel the World

Online poker sites regularly offer tournaments that give players a shot at winning a trip to play poker throughout Europe, North America, Asia, and South America. For just a few dollars you can win the trip of a lifetime to cities like Paris, Melbourne, Amsterdam, or Las Vegas.

2. Be Your Own Boss

If you have the chops to be an online poker pro, you can bid adieu to the 9-5 grind and annoying bosses. You don’t need specialized degrees, letters of recommendation, or millions of dollars in start-up capital. All you need is a bit of starting money in your poker bankroll and the ability to play poker better than the majority of the other players at the table.

1. Winning Millions of Dollars from Playing Cards is Cool

Poker is full of rags to riches stories and it’s one of the few sports or games around where you truly can turn a $39 tournament entry into millions of dollars, just like Chris Moneymaker did in 2003 when he turned his $39 satellite tournament victory into a win at the 2003 WSOP Main Event worth more than $2.5 million.


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