Note Taking and Virtual Textbooks

Online classes and virtual textbooks have been increasing in popularity. They are less expensive than traditional classes and often less expensive than traditional textbooks. But they bring with them their own challenges. Note taking is an essential task in any class that provides even a moderate challenge to students. But it does not work as easily when you’re reading from a tablet. Here are some things you can do to improve the note taking process.

Read on One Device and Make Notes on Another

One of the biggest challenges with note taking on a tablet is the fact that you are reading from the device while attempting to take notes. Switching back and forth between windows can be disconcerting, and your tablet may actually lock up. Instead of trying to handle this in multiple windows, read the textbook on one device and type the notes up in another. Some tablets allow you to hook them up to a laptop or a computer so that you can, in effect, have a separate screen. If you have the space, this is your most efficient option for note taking.

Use an In App Note Taking Option

textbooksSometimes you can download internal apps, also known as “in apps”, for note taking. These particular apps are just as appealing as cheap textbooks. All you have to do is start up the app and it will run along inside your textbook. A number of these actually come with virtual textbooks. Just bear in mind that they do sometimes cause jams, and sometimes they lose the information that you put in. Make sure that you back it up regularly. Many of these apps do come with automatic backup systems, but you should make sure that you know where those files are located in case you have to manually access them. It’s also good to back these up on another storage option.

Use Highlighters and Virtual Post-It Notes

Most virtual textbooks come with highlighters. If yours does not, you can download an in app that will allow this option. You can also use post-it notes. A number of these apps will allow you to add them to compatible eBooks. Remember that you must find out the format of your textbooks before you get an app as there are clear distinctions between even the most popular file types.

Taking notes on virtual textbooks can be more challenging than regular note taking from a physical book. However, you can make it work. Your first option is to read the text on one device while typing up notes on another. You might be able to even hook your tablet up to the computer to make it easier. Your second option is to use an in app. You can put the notes in as you read through it. Your third option is to use highlighters and virtual post-it notes. You can use these on just about any virtual eBook, but you will want to make sure that the format you choose is compatible with your textbook.

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