Top 10 Summer Football Transfers

Football is an enormously popular, lucrative and luxurious sport. With wealthy businessmen in the world now buying lots of football clubs the pressure for managers to do well has never been larger. In the drive to without delay come up with trophies, managers have been approaching the owners to purchase some of immense players at sky-high prices.

When the price of the players is sky-high, anything other than an instant success is measured as a breakdown. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive football transfers this summer.

1. Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) – $135 million
Top 10 Summer Football Transfers_01
Gareth Bale is the most expensive footballer in the World. He starts in Southampton, but soon he was transferred to Tottenham Hotspurs where he was one of the biggest names in Premier League. He moved to Real Madrid for a world record $135 million breaking the Cristiano Ronaldo record.

2. Edinson Cavani (PSG) – $85 million
Top 10 Summer Football Transfers_02
Uruguayan forward Edinson Cavani is one of the best strikers in modern football. He started out his career in his hometown, but soon he moved to Italy where he played for Palermo.

3. Radamel Falcao (Monaco) – $81 million
Top 10 Summer Football Transfers_03
Radamel Falcao is one of the greatest strikers in Europe for several seasons. He is from Colombia, where he learns to play in the biggest clubs. He moved to Porto, and after that to Atletico Madrid in Spain.

4. Neymar (Barcelona) – $76.9 million
Top 10 Summer Football Transfers_04Neymar was one of the biggest names in sport this summer. He is young talented Brazilian player, one of the best. Some even compare him with Pele. He was two years in the row best player in South.

5. Mesut Ozil (Arsenal) – $67.88 million
Top 10 Summer Football Transfers_05Germany Mesut Ozil was one of the best players in Real Madrid last season, but due to the arrival of Gareth Bale, he was put on transfer list, and Arsenal pick him in matter of seconds. He has constantly been one of the top assistants.

6. James Rodriguez (Monaco) – $60.7 million
Top 10 Summer Football Transfers_06James Rodriguez is Colombian player, and last season he was the best football player in Portugal league. He is measured as one of the best youthful talents in the world.

7. Fernandinho (Manchester City) – $54 million
Top 10 Summer Football Transfers_07Fernandinho is a Brazilian defensive midfielder. Before he moved to Manchester City he played for Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk where he was for eight years.

8. Willian (Chelsea) – $51.3 million
Top 10 Summer Football Transfers_08
Willian is a midfielder from Brazil. He played for Russian club Anzhi, but they had some financial trouble and were forced to sell him to the highest bidder.

9. Mario Gotze (Bayern Munich) – $50 million
Top 10 Summer Football Transfers_09Mario Gotze is one of the biggest names in Bundesliga. He is only 21 years old, but has already managed to be one of the names of which will be the most talk this summer. Before Bayern Munich he played for their biggest opponent Borussia Dortmund.

10. Gonzalo Higuain (Napoli) – $50 million
Top 10 Summer Football Transfers_10Gonzalo Higuain is a forward from Argentina, where he started his career in River Plate. After that he went to the biggest football club in the world – Real Madrid, from where he transferred to Napoli this summer.

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