How to Start Your Own Country

Dec 18, 13 How to Start Your Own Country

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Maybe today is different. Rather than being a citizen of your present state, you’d rather create your own. It’s not entirely easy, but below, you’ll find plenty of information to start you off. For example, you do have the 160 followers necessary to (even) begin consideration, right? Secondly, your state needs to be at least...

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Funniest Holiday Movies

Nov 25, 13 Funniest Holiday Movies

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Once again we approach the holiday times! Yes, the Christmas is around the corner, and it can be very stressful holiday. Between gifts, planning events, baking cookies and Christmas holiday dinners there’s not a lot of time to relax and simple enjoy with the loved ones. So, if you are looking to relax and just enjoy in this...

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Converting Your Website to a Mobile Version

Nov 19, 13 Converting Your Website to a Mobile Version

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If you have a website for your business, it is a great idea to also create a version of it that has been converted for use on mobile devices. Many people now use their smartphones or tablets more often than they use their desktop or laptop computers to surf the Internet, so having a mobile website can really boost your company’s...

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Simple Changes Give Your Home a Brand New Style

Nov 18, 13 Simple Changes Give Your Home a Brand New Style

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After you move into a new home it’s a real joy to get everything finally arranged and decorated to your satisfaction. Being able to sit and relax in your favorite room, surrounded by your favorite colors, textures, and belongings is truly satisfying. A few years later, though, your surroundings may start to feel stale and...

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Amazing life of Crusoe the Dachshund

Nov 02, 13 Amazing life of Crusoe the Dachshund

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Well, this year Halloween is over, but if you need an inspiration for the next year then Crusoe the Dachshund is best thing. He transforms himself into Batman, or should we say Batdog, he is the most adorable scuba diver, and by far most outstanding ship captain that you’ll ever see. With his wacky outfits he became internet...

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