The Most Expensive Apartments in the World

Despite the fact that many of us live in a small homes, there are a lot of others at the reverse end of the scale, living in most luxurious apartments. It’s all about location, and if you own an apartment in luxurious neighbourhood you can sell your flat here and then buy something new. Some of these properties are strictly reserved for celebrities. So, we create the list of the most expensive apartments in the World.




Frequently known as a residence to the mega-rich and prominent, Monaco offer its residents some enticing tax breaks, and many of famous tennis players list Monaco as their permanent address. It also maintains some beyond doubt most profligate residences in the World. One of the most prestigious buildings in Monte-Carlo is the Odeon Tower is rising grandly above the azure waters of the Mediterranean and the captivating Principality of Monaco, it takes luxurious living to dazzling new heights. Tour Odeon is the ultimate home in the ultimate setting. The tower will have window walls and some of the best views in the world, but most amazing thing about it has to be rooftop waterslide, which leads into an incredible infinity pool 170 meters above the ground.

New York

004New York is a city ripe with opportunity. However, the cost of living and property tax rates leave many residents clinging to their tax estimators and calculators. Despite the above average cost of living, high-end apartments and condominiums remain in high demand. Rising to over one thousand feet above midtown Manhattan, ONE57 elevates New York living with the longest South-to-North views of Central Park ever offered in private residences. Walls of glass enlighten expansive homes of astonishing scale and light. There is no lack of sparkly things in the new model apartment of One57, one of the most ambitious, and certainly most expensive new condominium buildings in New York. This building already set a record sales price in USA for its profligate apartments and superior address. The One57 building in Manhattan is house to some of the most celebrity stars in the World.


One Hyde Park is the one of the most famous building in the World. But more than that is all about celebrity apartment owners. Many of ultra-rich owners do not list London as their permanent address, so the building is empty for most of the time apart from the occasional stop over. The list of apartment owners is amazing. There is the Prime Minister of Qatar, Rinat Akhmetov, Winston Wong Wen Young, Kylie Minogue, Vladislav Doronin and supermodel Naomi Campbell. One of the notable elements of the apartment is that every window is fitted with bulletproof glass.


010According to many sources this is one of the most interesting flats at the Far East, and certainly one of the most expensive. Real estate prices in Tokyo are pretty incredible, and this apartment known as The House is a one-bedroom apartment in the exclusive Minami-Azabu district, and the price is $21.8 million. The House is currently rented to a rich oil magnate.


013This dwelling sits on the top of the HMAS Lonsdale building in Port Melbourne. It has spectacular views of the city and the bay. With five bedrooms, five bathrooms, two kitchens, a rooftop garden, and amazing bottle wine cellar this is by far the most expensive apartment in Melbourne.

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