Xbox All Access: Let Real Players Upgrade to Project Scarlett

We tend to believe that real players are found at online casino table games. But that’s not the case at all when it comes to gaming. Real players are the ones that adapt quickly to the changes that come with a particular game. Sometimes games change the interface, the graphics, gameplay, as well as the sound. And if you are amongst the players that are not afraid of change, then you surely qualify to be a real player when it comes to gaming. Now with Xbox on the verge of releasing the new Xbox All-Access, just like in us online slots, here is what you need to know for you to upgrade for better gameplay.

What You Need to Expect With Xbox All-Access

The Xbox All-Access program is here to join Xbox Game Pass, as well as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This is one of the ultimate values in console gaming. The beauty part is that Microsoft has made the deal that comes with an upgrade option that is known as Project Scarlett. Let’s highlight some of the interesting things you need to know before you start your exciting gaming experience.

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Consoles That Are Eligible for Xbox All Access

The three versions of the available Xbox crop include Xbox One X, Xbox One S and Xbox One S All-Digital. Soon after the upgrade, you will no longer able to use your existing console. What it means is that you will need to buy new consoles that will be compatible with the new version of Xbox. Maybe some Canadian bet games are not compatible with your current version.

How Much Does Xbox All Access Cost

It all depends on which console you choose. The services start at $19.99 a month. On top of that, you will then get 24 months when you subscribe. Below is the breakdown of cost per console:
– Xbox All-Access Xbox One X – $30.99 per month
– Xbox All-Access Xbox S – $22.99 per month
– Xbox All-Access Xbox One S All-Digital – $19.99 per month
However, keep in mind that the monthly cost encompasses a payment for the console, as well as the membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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