Fake food advertising

Food advertising vs reality
We all know that if something looks too good to be true it probably isn’t, and the mouth-watering imagery used to sell food never is. But sometimes the yawning chasm between what’s in the ad or on the packet and what you see on the plate in front of you exceeds the usual artistic licence …

Arby’s beef ‘n’ cheddar sandwich. Not one we see in the UK, and given that even the advertising image here looks revolting, that’s probably a good thing

The Burger King whopper. Clearly it’s not only the burger that’s a whopper, the marketing is too. But it’s not as bad as …

Sweet Sue’s chicken in a can doesn’t really do exactly what it says on the tin

A McDonald’s sausage breakfast burrito.

Taco Bell nachos Bell Grande. A bit like Eric Morecambe’s piano playing, this one – all the right bits just not necessarily in the right order

Wendy’s chicken club sandwich. Now that just looks nasty. It’s just the cheese that’s doing it, but … the cheese … the evil, evil melty plastic cheese with the light glinting off it.

They’ve really tried hard with their real-life recreation here, but again the product’s letting the side down

Bizarrely in this instance the actual product looks slightly better than the picture on the tin. Bravo.

And so to Germany, where an enterprising bunch of people have been devoting far more time than they probably should have to this topic. You can see the whole thing on their website, pundo3000.com. This one is just depressing. The meat lurks in the sauce in an apparent attempt to hide, radiating shame and self-reproach

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