Spanish Youngster Made His Own Prosthetic Arm of Lego Bricks

Feb 08, 19 Spanish Youngster Made His Own Prosthetic Arm of Lego Bricks

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David Aguilar (19), who was born with no right forearm because of a rare genetic disorder, made himself a robotic arm of Lego bricks. Aguilar, who studies bio-engineering at the University in Spain, was already made few version of prosthetic forearms and his dream is to design affordable robotic limbs for those who need it. Youtube...

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New WRC 8 Arrives at Fall 2019

Jan 27, 19 New WRC 8 Arrives at Fall 2019

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The Bigben company has released great news for all racing game enthusiasts who are waiting for the arrival of the new WRC game in September this year. The official World Rally Championship (WRC) game, which will make return of the franchise after a two-year absence. Bigben released an official trailer and a couple of photos that...

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Forget About Bitcoin TalkBattle

Jan 25, 19 Forget About Bitcoin TalkBattle

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World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is great place to country leaders to talk about future developments and economic problems of all mankind. On the other side, it is a good place to meet some new technologies and create great discussions about cryptocurrencies, blockchains and everything other connected to it. This video is...

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Instant Messaging

Jan 24, 19 Instant Messaging

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The world has always been interested in passing on information. Maybe, there is a correlation between our development of linguistics and the need to rely on data. The word data is usually taken to mean complex information. However, the word only means things that are known or at least assumed to be known. Now that we are in the 21st...

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The Good those Gadgets have brought to Children

Jan 23, 19 The Good those Gadgets have brought to Children

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Technology continues to bring with it new inventions and new gadgets. You just need to blink and there is already a new gadget on the market. These gadgets have not only made the life of adults easier but that of children as well. That is why today we are looking at the good that gadgets have brought to the children. Positive...

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