Creative Logo Hallucination

Use technologies of recognition of images in order to detect subliminal forms of logos or emblems, hidden (generally involuntarily) in the visual environment or in the whole of the images of the Internet.

Vermeer vs Atari

Broken window vs Apple

Highway vs Maltese cross

Toscani vs Motorola

Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich vs Adobe

Dead fish vs Centrino

One small step vs AT&T

African mask vs McDonald’s

Snake vs Bank of America

Darth Vader vs Motorola

Da Vinci vs Carrefour

Villepin vs GDF

Cloaca Maxima vs Microsoft Windows

US Navy vs Adidas

Butterfly fish vs AT&T

Chains vs Social Security

Marilyn vs Coca-Cola

Golden Gate vs Cisco

Pigs vs Aliens

Fish vs Woolmark

Coconut desert vs Mitsubishi


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