Cool Home Cinemas

Home cinema, also called home theater, are entertainment systems that seek to reproduce movie theater quality video and audio in a private home. The most basic system could be a DVD player, a standard CRT television, and a “home theater in a box”, a 2.1 speaker system with left and right speakers and a small 8″ subwoofer cabinet. An expensive home cinema set-up might include a High-Definition video format such as Blu-ray, a 60″ High-Definition Television with a “cinema-style” 16:9 format, a several thousand-watt home theatre receiver with five to seven surround sound speakers, and a powered subwoofer with a 12″ (or more) driver. The most expensive home theater set-ups, which can cost over $100,000 US, have digital projectors, expensive screens, and custom-built screening rooms which include cinema-style chairs and Audiophile-grade sound equipment.

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