Attack on WTC 9/11 Lego recreation

World Trade Center Attack 09/11 2001 – Lego recreation by Todd Webb.

world trade center 9/11 lego

wtc lego recreation

todd webb lego wtc

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  1. Dr. Dianne E. Stanley /

    The “lego” phase of the twin towers depicts what would have happened if the nuclear demolition plan filed prior to construction had been implemented to limit a war zone above. Supposing there was a major shift in how the towers were meant to sway and “cross-talk”, a U-shaped conduit sunk deep into bedrock could have been compromised by honing missiles with compact nuclear devices on board. Force, counter-force is one of the hard rules of physics when it comes to ultimate power. There are phases in nuclear demolitions where energy flux within the system created (all of the elements in a casement) causes transient abominations of creature-like forms billowing and rolling through the stack. Machine-like components also appear with the angled paths of least resistance for heavy metals and superconductors tamed by the gases which are usually inert. Polymerization can create a horrible hanging mass of black soot, tar, particulate matter and liquid metal. Eventually, dust, lead, diamond, transformed steel and tubular structures will interact with the cauldrons (black, red and white areas of combustion) and the building goes into freefall rather than chaotic disruption. The path down is turbulent and pulverizing as weight increases. I offer this information which is basic to chemistry, physics, calculus, engineering, construction, medicine and all the other disciplines founded on scientific principles and unbiased study. As a Canadian observer and retired emergency physician, I am not privy to the facts or corrected imaging and data banks. The United States of America is a great country, separate and free; it will prevail and educate the generations to come.

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