Inspirational Movies That Are Based on True Stories

Inspirational movies that are based on true stories can be a huge source of motivation. Most people can relate to the events that are in the movie because they are based on a true story that happened to someone. Here are some movies that are based on true stories, they may inspire you in your own journey in life.

Biographies of Famous Historic Figures

The movies will show you the ups and downs in the lives of these figures. Some of these figures are from the distend past while some are from the recent past. There are so many great stories that will inspire you. Some can be found at https://fr.crazyvegas.com under testimony section. Here is the list of biographies that you can watch.
• The Young Victoria
• Amelia
• The Other Boleyn Girl
• Ray
• Finding Neverland
• Frida
• Florence Foster Jenkins
• The Danish Girl
• Saving Mr Banks
• The Iron Lady The Aviator
• Chaplin
• The King’s Speech
• Rebel Rye
• Amadeous
• The Miracle Worker
• Jackie
• Becoming Jane
• Catch Me If You Can
• Walk The Line
• Steve Jobs

War, Politics and Military Based Inspirational Movies

There are so many movies that have been made in order to show the lives of different heroes. Also, so many movies following the political journey of popular politicians have also been made, these may inspire you if you wish to follow a similar path. There are also some movies based on online casinos Australia. Here is a list of war, politics as well as military based true stories.
• Good Night and Good Luck
• Men of Honor
• The Last Emperor
• Frost/Nixon
• Argo
• The Pianist
• Thirteen Days
• Lincoln
• The Imitation Game
• Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
• The Last King of Scotland
• Munich
• Bridge of Spies
• The Monuments Men
• Pearl Harbor
• The Perfect Storm
• The Finest Hours
• Glory
• The Relevant

Social Revolution Based Movies

These movies are still relevant to date as so many nations are fighting for social justice. There are so many powerful movies that you can watch in this category. Here is the list
• Loving
• 12 Years a Slave
• Selma
• Trumbo
• The Help
• The Whistle Blower.

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