Crazy gadgets

There is a really lots of crazy gadgets on market, im gonna recommended  you some of the coolest. My favorite one is ice beer mug 🙂

Banana guard
If u want to protect your banana this is worht buying 🙂 Length 21.5cm, volume 13cm. Price 12$ (banana not included).


Beer tracker
Love beer? Want to know how many u can drink per night? Getting drunk like you lost in an online casino? Then beer tracker is something you must have. Display 5 digits (count 99 999 beers). Reset button. Price 12$

Ice beer mug
Also somethign for beer lovers. With this mug ur beer is gonna be ice cold and fresh. Filled with gel that freezes. Price 10$


Dead fread
Cool holder for pens. Just perfect for your office desktop. 12x7x2.5cm, made from soft red silicone, dont include pen. Price 13$.

pencil holder

Butt station
Office supplies holder that looks like man on toilette. If you remove that litlle man you can find paperclips in toilette, and use magnet on his ass to pick it up easier.. Totally cool and crazy. Holds scotch tape, pens, post-it and paperclips. Price 21$.

office supplies

USB humping dog
Totally crazy usb stick. Because of big dogs nose its good only for laptops. Price 13$.

usb stick
Check this video:

Bullshit button
Big button for destroying stupidity.  Speaker embedded. Light when clicked. 2x AAA batterys included. Dimensions: 7.5×7.5cm.
5 different bullshit warnings:
“Bullshit level 5!”
“Oh come on now, that’s not even a bullshit. That’s a horseshit!”
“Warning, warning, bullshit alert!”
“BIP, that was a bullshit!”
“Bullshit detected, take precaution!”

stupid gadget


USB rocket launcher
Rocket launcher that can be connected to PC. Motorized sliding base. 3 rockets from the hard foam. 3x AAA batterys. Dimensions 20x14x12.5cm. Price 60$.

stupid gadget


Clock upside down
There is an internet slot that i found regarding black and white quartz wall clock. 29x29c3cm. Totally stupid, best gift for friend birthday 🙂 Hands goes in opposite clockwise. Price 35$.

stupdi gagdget

Electric fly killer
Tennis racket is a network that is electrified and that “burns” insects on contact. 2xAA battery’s (not included). Price 22$.

tennis gadget

USB extension cable
Device is presented under stupid name U2H-FC034S 4 port USB hub, dimensions 65 × 65 × 33 millimeters, and weighs 80 grams.

stupdi gadgets

Teddy spy
Embedded CMOS camera in the teddys nose connected with TV reciver. Camera must stay 100m around receiver because the contrary will not receive its signal. Stupid. Price 53,99$.

stupdi gadget




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