The Most Expensive Apartments in the World

Apr 03, 14 The Most Expensive Apartments in the World

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Despite the fact that many of us live in a small homes, there are a lot of others at the reverse end of the scale, living in most luxurious apartments. It’s all about location, and if you own an apartment in luxurious neighbourhood you can sell your flat here and then buy something new. Some of these properties are strictly...

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Worlds Most Dangerous Animals

Sep 26, 09 Worlds Most Dangerous Animals

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10 worlds most dangerous animals Rhinos, hyenas, alligators – devastating human predators, right? Wrong! Though an attack by one of these beasts would surely mean bad news, they’re statistically least likely to kill a human. Check out the most deadly animals in the world, discover how they mete out their punishment and, most...

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Top 10 Worst Jobs in USA

Mar 04, 09 Top 10 Worst Jobs in USA

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America Worst Jobs If you think your job is bad, think twice… unless you’ve got one of the “worst” jobs in America today. It isn’t much of a surprise that many of these low-rated jobs overlap with the most dangerous jobs. What’s more, none have an annual salary above $40,000. JobsRated.com has...

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Girls Tops

Jan 31, 09 Girls Tops

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Funny and sexy girls tshirts. More...

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