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Spanish Youngster Made His Own Prostheti...

Spanish Youngster Made His Own Prosthetic Arm of Lego Bricks Posted by on Feb 8, 2019

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Amazing life of Crusoe the Dachshund

Amazing life of Crusoe the Dachshund Posted by on Nov 2, 2013

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Babs Windsor’s Funniest Jackpotjoy Ads Posted by on May 17, 2013

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New Betting dApp on Steem

New Betting dApp on Steem Posted by on Feb 25, 2019

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Xbox All Access: Let Real Players Upgrad...

Xbox All Access: Let Real Players Upgrade to Project Scarlett Posted by on Nov 11, 2019

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Best photos in 2008

Dec 23, 08 Best photos in 2008

Posted by in pics

Best photos in year 2008. A firefighting airtanker drops Phos-Check fire retardant over the Gap fire. Israeli Orthodox Jews attend the funeral of Arieh Levish Teitelbaum. Cyclone Nargis victims huddle in torrential rain as they await assistance in Dedaye Township, southwest of Yangon. Floods in Gonaives. A competitor dives from...

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Math call to 911

Dec 22, 08 Math call to 911

Posted by in Funny Videos

Four year old girl calls 911 to ask for help from math! Mom tell her to call somebody if she ever get problems, so she did it...

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Random fun

Dec 18, 08 Random fun

Posted by in Funny Pics

Picdump gallery for your better mood… Kid and monkey, cool pic! What a look, and move, hehe. Grab em dude!! Weird accident. Anti gaming keyboard. TaTaTa!! LOL Bad dog, bad dog 🙂 Only one glass per day! This is how they drive pigs in Serbia 🙂 Cool view. No comment! Kick him! If you like thise pics, click on...

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Amazing Snake Game

Dec 12, 08 Amazing Snake Game

Posted by in videos

Snake game Polish students from Wroclaw “playing” Snake and Pong in amazing way – on students hostel’s...

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Crazy gadgets

Dec 10, 08 Crazy gadgets

Posted by in read

There is a really lots of crazy gadgets on market, im gonna recommended  you some of the coolest. My favorite one is ice beer mug 🙂 Banana guard If u want to protect your banana this is worht buying 🙂 Length 21.5cm, volume 13cm. Price 12$ (banana not included). Beer tracker Love beer? Want to know how many u can drink per...

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Mother nature

There’s no power on world such as Mother nature! Look this cool and amazing pictures of natural...

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Fancy limos

Dec 05, 08 Fancy limos

Posted by in pics

If u have lots of mone money and want to look cool, this is something I recommended 🙂 Fancy limousines, only for rich people. Girls like to drive in those hehe Pimp my limo...

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Funny animals

Dec 03, 08 Funny animals

Posted by in Funny Pics

Cute and funny animals pictures. Ninja bears? Dog and duck making love 🙂 ? Dogs as nuns? Its all possible in crazy animal...

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Hot Female Fans

Dec 02, 08 Hot Female Fans

Posted by in pics

Football is generally male sport. But nowadays its not weird to see girls on stadiums, and not ugly or regular girls, but really good looking 🙂...

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How to cheat on exam

Nov 30, 08 How to cheat on exam

Posted by in read

In this article im gonna show you how to cheat on exam, in school or college.. This is just one of many ways. But dont forget its smarter to sit down and learn (yea, i know its boring). But dont forget you can always be cough by teacher or professor and finish in big problems… or you can easy pass the exam...

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Funny signs

Nov 29, 08 Funny signs

Posted by in Funny Pics

World is full of funny and weird stuff. Like this crazy funny...

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Players and referee

Nov 27, 08 Players and referee

Posted by in Funny Videos

Referee hits one player.. After that, crowd run after him.. Crowd...

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