TV channel only for dogs

It looks like dogs in Israel enjoy staying home alone and being on the couch much more after a channel that strictly design for them became an instant hit. Dog TV is also available in the US and online. Owners of TV channel are saying that content of the channel has been produced using scientific methods. Truth to be told, dogs in the Middle Eastern country are enjoying watching the shows. So, it seems to work, at least for the dogs, because they are the audience.

Dog left home alone can make such a mass. There’s no dog owner who’s returned from work and not find their slippers torn to sheds, at least. So, an Israeli cable TV company has set out to solve that problem by creating a TV channel aimed for dogs only.


The channel was originally launched a year ago in San Diego and is now available all over California. Although, Dog TV was initially launched in the US last year, it becomes huge success on Israeli screens. It aiming to comfort dogs left at home alone with a specifically design combination of soothing music and special colors only dogs can see.

All the shows on Dog TV run for about six minutes and are scientifically designed, al least that’s producers saying, to keep dogs motivated, cheerful and pleased when they’re left home alone.


Jani from Jerusalem told as: “Generally, when I leave the house I put on the radio, play him some music, and when Dog TV started I thought it was the perfect thing for him. He actually sits and watches it.”

Owner of the Dog TV Gilad Neumann said the idea behind the channel is to diminish the abandonment anxiety and loneliness that the animals experience when left alone by holder. Main aim he says is to create a trustworthy companionship atmosphere.

Neumann says the channel is completely appropriate for dogs, and that owners can be sure it’s all proper, and there is no such a content that stresses or scares the dogs, like loud or unexpected noises.


The Humane Society of America suggests that you leave your TV on for your dog when you go out, but the problem was what do you leave on? Animal Planet frequently shows aggressive images of animals killing, and that can upset a dog. Popular choice was CNN, but then again, dogs are upset by seeing violent behavior. And the TV commercials can be loud and very irritating.

On the Dog TV website they claims that the channel is scientifically developed and dog approved, and that the Dog TV is first TV channel design only for dogs.


One of the founder of the channel Ron Levi came up with the idea, and he’s really convinced that the channel can help dogs with anxiety when they’re left alone. He told for the news that the idea actually came from his cat. So, cats and dogs are working together in harmony changing the future of TV. Hmm… interesting.

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