The Best Original Xbox Games Ever

Even though Microsoft’s first gaming consoles have been flawed by the ridiculous size and short life span. We cannot brush out the fact that the gaming console also consists of the most brilliant games as well.

The Xbox games evolution has been somewhat great. This is because Microsoft managed to take note of the glitches that made their gaming not up to par. The competition has been very stiff with PS Sony dominating the gaming space. And Microsoft noted that has to change and they had to move with time.

Even when online casinos such as gambling360 are engaging different gaming developers to improve their games. Surely, you should not allow yourself to miss that. And that has been the case for Xbox.

Without further ado, let us look at some of the greatest and original Xbox games that you will love to play free.

Steel Battalion

Back, plastic guitar and drums were the real deal in most living rooms. And those were the days of the Steel Battalion game. One would fork out $200 to purchase the enormous controller stick with 40 buttons.

The gaming controller has enabled the making of the remarkable game. The game is well fantastic having to make a way with your mech squad is the utmost fun.

Spider-Man 2

Ever since the script of Spider-Man came to our screen, everyone wanted to have a Spider-Man character. Fortunately or unfortunately, no one came close in fulfilling those dreams whatsoever. But when the game version came into consoles, most players embraced it with much joy. And it wasn’t surprising that the game gained so much popularity just like real money casino games.

The gaming experience in Spider-Man 2 is immense as it also consists of fun and exciting gaming quests. Even to this very day the game is always available just to blow away some amazing gaming extravaganza for Xbox real players. All you need is a bit of your friends and you will surely share the fun together.

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