Caring for an iPhone is Easy

Even though technological devices might require a four hour class to learn how to use all of the functions and apps, caring for the phone is much easier. The same basics apply to care for a phone like they would just about any other device you would purchase – buy protectors, get an extended warranty and keep it in a safe location as much as possible to prevent bumps, drops and misuse by those who shouldn’t be handling it in the first place. But nevertheless, if something does happen to the phone, there are ways to fix it.

Use Screen Protectors

The first thing to purchase along with a phone is the protection needed for the screen. Screen savers are thin, plastic sheets that go right over the screen where it is used most. Even though your fingers look smooth, they can carry dirt particles that scratch along the surface of the glass. It also protects the phone when you drop it in your pocket along with the set of keys, you toss it in your purse or your vehicle and don’t realize what the glass comes in to contact with that could scratch it. Screen covers are removable and replaceable once they get dirty and start to come unstuck.

Get a Multi-purpose Cover

A protective cover is what keeps the rest of the phone from getting scratched up. There are some covers meant to be decorative only, with colors, characters, designs and shapes on the outside to make the phone look snazzy. However, a full service cover will absorb the shock if it falls to the concrete floor in the garage, hits the sidewalk or gets dropped on the table by your toddler. Not having a cover could mean you will have an expensive iPhone repair or have to replace the phone completely. A cover doesn’t protect it from instances of being dropped in the water, however, so even more coverage should be included if you could fall in to that fate.

Get Additional Protection

Additional protection on a phone could include a monthly insurance plan or an extended warranty. A warranty protects the buyer from a malfunction with the phone, such as a faulty battery, a screen that does not work right or some other component that does not work right or needs a repair within the designated time. When the phone is serviced under the warranty, there usually isn’t an expense for the owner of the phone.

Insurance taken out on the phone allows the user to have a smaller fee associated with fixing or repairing the phone in the case where the warranty is no longer valid. For instance, if a phone is dropped in the lake and not working, a person with insurance will pay less for a replacement than a person who does not have any. The person without insurance will pay full price to get a new phone. There are deductibles in place, but each plan will vary on what they are and what the plan covers.

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