10 for 10: Ultimate Workout

Standing Kick


While you are in standing position, swing right leg so it goes in line with your stretched out left arm. After that, swing left leg on the other hand. Keep in mind that your arms and legs must be straight. The other key factor is to sustain your back straight, do not slump forward or backward. Perform this exercise for one minute.

Heel Kicks into High Knees

pic_02Keep running in one place for a one minute. In first half of this minute, use your heels to kick your bump, and in other half do elevated knees. It’s essential to be as fast as you can.

Dog Walk

pic_03Spread you body and bow at the waist. Go into the push-up pose, with your hands down on the ground. Extend space between your legs and impel your hips up, like you try to form a V letter. While you are doing this exercise, keep in mind that your neck must be straight and that your eyes must be looking into your heels. Hold that position for a little, and then return into the starting position. After that plunge your hips, go straight in arms, and try to curve to your back, once again hold that position, and then return. Repeat this for 10 or 12 times.

Speed Squat

pic_04Point your feet straight in the same measurement as your shoulders. Essential thing is to keep back as straight as you can, and just push your behind into squat position. As you doing this, try to move backward and forward your arms in level over your head. After you do these just go into the first pose. Keep doing this for 30 seconds.

Pushup T-stand

pic_05You certainly know how to get yourself into the pushup position. Once you are at the top of that position, just spin your upper body so you’re in front of right and tip your left arm in the direction of the ceiling. When you reach top of this position, just hold a second, and then return back, but after that repeat same thing only this time on the left side. Try to repeat this for 10 times for each side.

Ploy Split Lunge

pic_06Put your hands on hips and dive forward with right foot. Keep your frontage knee further than the flat surface of your toes. Once you are in this position, jump and in your landing put your left foot forward with right foot. You’ll get it. This is one of the especial exercises so repeat it for 15 times at least.

Walking Plank

pic_07Once again we are going into the pushup pose, while place our elbows on the ground in a conventional plank, and after that we are going to push ourselves back to our starting position. This is the hardest exercise in our set, so be ready for a little pain. We are going to repeat this for 12 to 15 times.

Wall Sit/Side-to-Side Burpee

pic_08Find a wall, and just lean on it with your back. When you take this position go down with your hips so you form 90 degrees. Crucial thing is that your thighs must be parallel to the floor. Hold this pose for at least one minute. Then after that stand up, bend down and put your hands on the ground. When you do that, kick your legs and straight them so that your knees are under your body. Keep doing this for about 15 times for each side.

Side Plank with Twist

pic_09Lie on the ground with the right side of your body, while rest on forearm. Then simple raise hips, like you are trying to create a straight contour. While doing this put your other hand toward the ceiling. So, once you take this pose is time to twist your upper body and, with arm that is just attain and then try to rotate backside. Make this for at least 15 times on each side.

One Leg Bridgepic_10Get to the ground with your back, while keeping your hands on sides. You’ll need to bend your knees and keep feet as flat as you can. Try to raise your hips to form some kind of a straight pose. After that extend you body weight to one leg while keeping your hips on place. It’s our last exercise so do this at least 15 times with each of your leg.

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