The Undying Legacy of Retro Gaming

While we update out technological devices to keep up with the modern world, we tend to have fond memories of days gone by. Even if we have our PlayStation 4 or Xbox One dominating our entertainment world, it’s interesting to see that older gaming refuses to die.

Whether it is the iconic Sonic or Mario that we go back to, or different games such as bingo games online there are ways to go back to the past and take part in some retro gaming. With that in mind here is some interesting technology that helps us to go back to gaming past.

Retron 5

The Retron 5 is becoming the retro console of choice, bringing back the good old days of the Nintendo consoles and Sega. Whether it is the Master System, Megadrive, Super Nintendo or NES the Retron 5 has brought the ability to play games for these consoles. Most importantly they give the games a boost with HDMI output and 720 resolution.

Super Retro Trio

While similar to the Retron 5, the Super Retro Trio supports less devices which makes it less popular with the retro gamers looking for their gaming fix. It still works though for those who want a retro feel to their gaming, with a few more connection options supported for this console.

Master System and Game Gear Portable

With the popularity of retro gaming obvious, companies are tapping into this to make a quick buck. This has been seen with the Master System and Game Gear portable devices which bring some SEGA gaming back to the masses. While the Game Gear may not be as popular for gamers, the Master System still holds the same reverence as the NES meaning there will always be a demand for ways to play these games.

These options are only a small number of ways to play retro gaming, but one thing that is important is that they are a legal way of playing the games. While there may be copies of the “ROMS” for games we know and love, we must always bear in mind that if we do not own a physical copy of the game this is piracy. So always make sure you either own a version of the game, or buy it in a legal form.

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