Container city


container city

container city

As the second phase of the original Container City project at Trinity Buoy Wharf (London),  Container City II is both an extension and evolution of the first building. Built adjacent to Container City I, with inter-connecting bridges, a new lift and full disabled access, Container City II was completed in 2002 providing a further 22 studios over five floors. 

container city

In contrast to the first phase, Container City II is a funky ziggurat shape and painted in bright colours to reflect the creative flair of those who work here.

Container City walkway

container city

This image shows the living room and balcony space.

  • Completed: 2002.
  • Installation time: 8 days
  • Architect: Nicholas Lacey and Partners
  • Engineer: Buro Happold
  • Developers:
    Urban Space Management Ltd
  • Location: Trinity Buoy Wharf,
    London E14 0JW
  • Containers used: 30
  • Units created: 22
  • Use: Studio Space

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