Best Online Payment Methods for Real Money Gambling Online

Online gambling is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Aside from standard mobile-friendly gaming sites and mobile applications, even a whole new branch of social gambling has been born too. Therefore, players always find lists of best casino operators, leading mobile gambling applications and top 10 social casino apps.

However, a thing that is often forgotten and overlooked is banking i.e. payment methods for making necessary deposit if you want to try real money gambling action. As you may know, there are so many online payment providers out there that it’s a really hard task to choose a banking option without wondering whether you’ve made the right choice. Hence, here is a guide on the best payment methods for online gambling alongside useful analysis of their major pros and cons.

So, the first payment method that is easy to use and perfectly safe is credit/debit cards. Online casinos usually accept at least two different types of credit/debit cards and therefore players can use their MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and even American Express in order to make an instant deposit. Credit/debit card payment are instantly processed, meaning within minutes players have their money added into their account. Also, they are secure and safe payment methods too. Nonetheless, they come with certain cons as well; for example, usually there are processing fees applied on credit card payments, plus these transactions show on your bank account statements. As you may know, depositing at gambling sites may hurt your credit score and thus some people feel reluctant to use this method.

The next top choice for online gamblers is e-wallets. These solutions such as Neteller, Skrill and PayPal also provide instant deposits i.e. players can use their funds within minutes after completing the transaction. Unlike making a credit/debit card cash upload, which always requires customers to provide confidential personal and financial information, e-wallet transactions are much more anonymous since users enter only their log in details. Consequently, using a digital wallet as an online gaming payment method is fast, safe and smart since the transaction won’t show on your bank account. Additional pros of e-wallets are the facts that operators rarely apply any transaction fees to such transactions, plus they even tend to reward players with preferred payment method bonuses of 10-15%.

Prepaid vouchers such as Paysafecard are yet another good option for online gamblers. Similar to digital wallets, prepaid vouchers let you keep your bank account record clean from transactions to and from online gaming operators, plus they don’t require confidential credit card details. The con of these prepaid vouchers, however, is that once you use all the credits you are required to purchase another one, which may be inconvenient to some players. However, considering the fact that they’re safe and often free of charge, they certainly shouldn’t be disregarded altogether.

Finally, a new and emerging online casino payment method that lately was added at numerous gambling sites is the bitcoin. Using this cryptocurrency is possibly the best way to remain completely anonymous while making a transaction, since bitcoin transfers can’t be tracked. The bitcoin is free of charge and provides instant deposits, meaning it’s always a smart choice. However, it should be noted that prior to using it players must purchase coins from other bitcoin users or using the services of a bitcoin exchange. Thus, thanks to price fluctuations the value of your coins can quickly decline, which will result in you losing money.

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