Why Men Love Playing Poker

Poker is an incredibly popular game just like bingo is with women. The online version of these games is drawing massive crowds that watch those gifted players play against each other for extraordinary prize pools. There are hundreds of poker & bingo sites out there and it’s becoming more popular. The comparison website bingosites.co.uk lists hundreds of operators that offer online games.

Tournaments like World Series Poker brought the game into public attention, and most of us at one time or another have enjoyed a hand or three of poker ourselves.

Although there are some women that play and win at the game, poker is still played mainly by men, and there are a couple of reasons for that which we are going to take a look at.

Firstly, the main reason that men are drawn to the game of poker above other games is the need of the challenge, the demonstration of their ‘alpha’ credentials, so it’s about the ego boost that men love so much.

According to extensive surveys, as well as analyses and books written by psychologists it is the particular challenge that poker provides that is so stimulating to men. Of course, this could be applied to female players too as there are some very determined women out there. Either way, proving yourself as the better in a group of people you see as your peers is a brilliant motivator. There is no doubt we are social creatures but at the same time there are some of us who enjoy dominating within our social groups.

Of course, there is always the social side of the game too. Women still seem to find it easier to group together and have a laugh, this simply does not happen as much with men, so getting together for a game of poker can be just the thing. In fact, many men play poker purely for the pleasure and social aspect of the game and are not bothered if they win or lose.

The thrill of poker bonds social groups, just ask those friends that get together for a regular poker night. Team sports like football can lead to friction within the supporter’s groups. Playing poker is proven to bond players and strengthen friendships. For some having a game of poker with friends is like having a night in with a movie and some wine.

For some other men, it’s not about the social or the dominating it is more about the pleasure of the achievement. Poker is competitive and the whole point of any competition is to win, and the thrill of the win is what some men desire the most.

To play poker well takes skill, and this learning of the game appeals to many men. Unlike other gambling games like roulette or slots which can be down to sheer luck, practice is required to become proficient at poker. Many men especially enjoy this type of personal growth, to become a master of their art so to speak.

Poker is definitely popular with both of the sexes but when you look at the game closely you can begin to understand why more men find the game fascinating compared to women.

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