Then and Now: The Evolution of Online slots

When the online gaming market first emerged during the 1990’s, the challenge was creating a secure and engaging format for players to access virtual iterations of games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. This has been achieved relatively easy through the deployment of 128-bit encrypted websites, which enable players to share their personal and financial details with genuine peace of mind.

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With the market having grown to an impressive $41.4 billion at the end of 2015, however, it has evolved considerably and introduced a number of new, innovative gaming experiences. Take slots, for example, which offer an increasingly diverse range of games to players while also drawing on various aspects of popular culture.

How slot Games have Evolved and Grown over the last decade

While the concept of slot gaming is nothing new, it was historically hindered by a lack of graphical quality and inaccurate sound effects. These rudimentary effects created a restricted, two-dimensional environment, which failed to bridge the gap between immersive, physical gaming and a virtual alternative. While the same initially applied to games of skill and strategy such as poker and blackjack, it is fair to say that slots rely far more heavily on graphics and imagery to engage players.

In this respect, developers have had to be patient when designing slot games experiences and timing their release to suit the level of technological advancement available in the real-time marketplace. It is fair to say that slot brands have made up for lost time during the last five years, however, with improved smartphone and tablet graphics enabling characters to recreate popular titles for the modern demographic of online players.

In addition to this, developers have also fused creative thinking with innovation to create themed slots that appeal to a broad playing demographic. These slots borrow from a range of pop culture influences, from famous Hollywood icons to stars of the stage and contemporary literature. You can play the new Bikini Party online slot at Euro Palace, for example, or indulge in a host of Marvel slots based on your choice of favourite comic book start. Either way, you can immerse yourself in an engaging narrative and character-driven experience that transcends the market.

The Future for online slots

This has created a cycle of growth and rising awareness, as online casino brands have sought to prioritise slots and incentivise participating players with lucrative promotions. As a result of this, you will see many casinos launching generous promotions that are specific to popular slot games, usually in the form of free spins or first, second and third deposit matches.

While this charts the evolution of online slot gaming from then and now, for example, it does little to tell us how the market will progress in the future. We can definitely expect further growth in the near and long-term, while there will also be an ever greater rush to market as developers look to release relevant, themed titles. As a result of this, the market will continue to diversify and target brand new markets over time.

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