Funny And Crazy Riots Pics


Funny and crazy street riots photos.

Security vs police fight

New police equipment, wooden shield 🙂

Pensioners want to break through police wall

police dog bite police man
Police dog bite police man LOL

And he have stick 🙂

Dancing around police van 🙂

anti hooligan
Every hooligan would be scared to see this guy hahaha

Paint them!


funny cop

kids attacking police with bricks
Kids attacking police with bricks

cops arresting kids
And police arresting kids like big criminals


police dog fuck
Did they train him to do that? LOL

burning cops
Burning cops… good for them they have water gun 🙂

kids attacking cops
Again, kids with bricks on police 🙂

pissing on police
Football hooligans pissing on police

paper spray cop

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