Worst Designed Logos

[WARNING: dirty words herein]
Here is list of 10 worst designed logos ever. I really don’t know what was in the mind of the designers at the time they came up with this logos… Are they blind or what? However, fun is guaranteed by watching this.


10. Bottom Logo
If you cant see – its Japanese house in front of the rising sun. I bet you have something else on mind 🙂
worst logo

9. Special Surgery
Guess where I am NOT going for surgery?
worst logo

8. High Fashion
And guess where I am going for clothes.
worst logo

7. Fine Food
Sausage anyone?
worst logo

6. Olympics
Even though people have pointed out the obvious problem here, they still insist on using this.
worst logo

5. Pediatric Center
Unbelievable… Picture says all.
worst logo

4. Children care center
Don’t worry – be happy. Or not.
worst logo

3. Pharmacy
Enemas ‘r’ us.
worst logo

2. No comment

1. Open Wide

worst logo

Bonus: We fix your computers
And your leaky penis.
worst logo

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