Top 10 most dangerous jobs in America

Most dangerous jobs in America

10. Police Sheriffs and Patrol Officers


Deaths per 100,000 workers: 21.4

What they do: Police pursue and apprehend criminals. A large proportion of their time is spent writing reports and maintaining records of incidents. Most police officers patrol their jurisdictions and investigate any suspicious activity they notice.

Dangers: In addition to the obvious dangers of confrontations with criminals, police officers and detectives must always be alert and prepared to deal with a variety of other threatening situations. Many law enforcement officers witness death and suffering resulting from accidents and criminal behavior. In addition to the physical rigors of the job, a career in law enforcement could take a toll on their private lives.

9. Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors

Deaths per 100,000 workers: 22.8

What they do: There are two basic types of collector: Operators use heavy machinery to move construction materials around factories or construction sites. Laborers typically handle materials manually and feed material into machines.

Dangers: Some work is done at great heights, occasionally in extreme weather. Workers are often exposed to fumes and hazardous materials that can affect their respiratory systems. Safety has increased over the years thanks to improvements in equipment.

8. Drivers (truckers and salespeople)


Deaths per 100,000 workers: 26.2

What they do: Travel the nation’s roads to deliver goods and make sales calls.

Dangers: On an absolute basis (as opposed to a per capita basis), highway fatalities are the No. 1 killer of people on the job. The majority of accidents stem from tired drivers veering off the road, rather than multi-car accidents.

7. Electrical Power Line Installers and Repairers

Deaths per 100,000 workers: 29.1

What they do: Install and repair lines and polls that deliver electrical power to homes and businesses.

Dangers: Power lines are typically located higher up than phone and cable lines. Dangers include both slip and falls from high altitude and electrocution risk from high voltage lines.

6. Roofers

Deaths per 100,000 workers: 29.4

What they do: Repair and install roofs for commercial and residential buildings, usually working with tar, asphalt or gravel.

Dangers: The most common causes of injury or death are slip and falls from roofs, ladders or scaffolds. Heat-related illness can also occur on hot days.

5. Farmers and Ranchers

Deaths per 100,000 workers: 38.4

What they do: Owners or leasers of farmland who grow and cultivate crops or livestock.

Dangers: Many farmers’ duties include operating heavy machinery, the biggest sources of hazards on the job.

4. Iron and Steel Workers

Deaths per 100,000 workers: 45.5

What they do: Place iron or steel girders, columns and other construction materials to form buildings, bridges and other structures.

Dangers: Most work at great heights, with the greatest cause of injury or death coming from falls. The majority wear harnesses and most job sites provide safety nets.

3. Pilots and Flight Engineers

Deaths per 100,000 workers: 66.7

What they do: Pilots and co-pilots fly planes and helicopters for transporting passengers or cargo, or for crop dusting, seed spreading or other tasks. Flight engineers assist pilots by monitoring instruments.

Dangers: Full crashes are relatively rare. Conditions and risks are most acute for test pilots, who check equipment for new, experimental plans, and crop dusters, who are exposed to toxins and sometimes lack a regular landing strip. Helicopter pilots often engage in dangerous rescue.

2. Loggers


Deaths per 100,000 workers: 86.4

What they do: Cut down trees with hand-held power chain saws or mobile felling machines. They use tree harvesters to fell the trees, shear the limbs off tees, cut logs, drive tractors and transport logs from the felling site in the woods to the log landing area. They also operate grapple loaders, which lift and load logs into trucks.

Dangers: Highly concentrated in Alaska and Maine, loggers are susceptible to high winds, falling branches and hidden roots or vines that present great risks around chain saws and other heavy equipment.

1. Fishers and related workers


Deaths per 100,000 workers: 111.8

What they do: Work on commercial boats. Fishers catch fish and other aquatic animals to sell as food, animal feed, bait and other uses.

Dangers: Commercial fishers work in all kinds of weather, often hundreds of miles from shore with no help readily available. Crew members risk falling on slippery decks, which can result in serious injuries or even going overboard. There are also potential hazards of malfunctioning fishing gear and becoming entangled in large nets.

Source: Forbes.Com

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  1. Come on, what kind of playing around with statistics did you have to do to even get police to be in the top 50 or even 100? You must be including some wild stuff. I understand how easy it is to make statistics say whatever one wants, to a point, and can be manipulated in so many ways. One of the more effective is nothing more than wording questions a specific way, which most police would be fooled by as they are not the brightest lot by any local community college standards. Not to mention that they are not accepted if they score even relatively decent on IQ/aptitude tests as shown in recently published documents. I’d like to see the danger of being a citizen in a police state, I’ve ZERO doubt that it’s much more dangerous to ones life than being a member of our Security Services. And how many of those deaths were suicides by these self-loathing, steroid fueled(mostly), sociopaths(again, mostly), and the toll it takes on the so-called “good cops” who stand by and watch horrific abuses and too often murder by their fellow “Peace Occifers”, that kind of thing takes a huge toll on a decent person yet the kind of treatment his sociopathic fellow employee’s would subject himself to would be so ferocious and to someone who know exactly what these animals are capable of will not want to expose those he cares about to the retributions(sometimes violent), harassment, legal hassles, physical harm. I want to hate that “good cop” for doing nothing while evil men do their thing… I want to not hate him for being that rare person capable of being a decent cop but I can’t. He is neither a decent cop nor decent human. He or she turns a blind eye to the violent abuses of rights by the majority of LEO’s, abuses that if he saw being committed against his child, wife, or parents would cause him to do the right thing but not for the rest of us. I along with over 1/2 dozen young high school students were sexually assaulted(often violently sexually assaulted) by the local law abusing officers. around 5-8 of these monsters participated in these actions while many many more watched on. Once these idiots pulled us over in front of a home where a large graduation party was being held for kids our age whom we knew. After making sure that there were 7 additional marked cars with 2 officers each, the POLICE CHIEF CAME!!! For a bunch of 15-17 year olds!!!! None of whom committed any crime, had any criminal history, oh, and wow, we were not black,,,, if you can imagine that one… :-/ After having at least 4 of the officers force us to disrobe from the waste down while over a hundred, maybe two hundred party goers watched these animals take turns groping our bare testicles and penises, and then, with my scrotum in the hand of the current deviant, they would proceed to run their index and or middle finger forcefully over our anus. After the first two and watching friends shaking and crying and horribly embarrassed, I finally started to loudly ask the animals in blue if they liked to touch little boys PeePees, and if their wives and mothers know that they are sexual deviants. I said every insulting thing that would’ve gotten me killed had not there been well over 100 witness’s. The fact that they did this in front of our classmates was despicable on top of the insanity of it all. Soon after this happened I saw where a man who had been forced to drop his pants and stand on the side of the road in his BOXER SHORTS!!! while being frisked(molested) by the LAO’s(Law Abusing Officers), sued the officer, dept., city, ??, and was awarded 30 million USD!!!!!!!!!! My god, if proportional, My young friends and I would’ve likely been close to billionaires. most certainly between us we would’ve… post lawyer fee’s. But cops know who and what age to pick on, just like any bully. Another officer who didn’t like a comment he overheard me say to a friend as we left a party, ran at me and tackled me(I was less than 110 pounds and may have been 5 feet tall), grabbed a very sturdy necklace I’d been waring and choked me so forcefully he left a 360 degree bleeding mark on my neck and the only reason he stopped from his attempt to kill me(that IS what anyone else would’ve been charged with), had nothing to do with the dozen or more LAO’s watching and smiling was a friend, the most non-confrontational person I know, to a fault, the least violent person I’ve ever met, but who was much bigger and a bit protective of me, saw what this monster was doing to me and he ran like professional football player tackling this worthless pig from behind and choking him in some amateur botched choke hold that the pathetic officer was helpless to get out of until he(the PIG*) no longer had the strength in him to hold on the the necklace he was using to strangle me. The fact that the friend who ‘assaulted’ the ‘officer’* out of pure fear that he was going to kill me right there and then in front of dozens of people and PIGS, WAS NOT ARRESTED OR EVEN SPOKEN TO AFTER FELONY ASSAULT OF A ‘POLICE OFFICER’ SPEAKS VOLUMES. The cowards in blue wouldn’t stop the psycho committing what can only be described(thanks to my friend) as attempted murder! Had my friend not intervened I’ve no doubt that the ‘officer’ would have continued until I stopped breathing or he’d broken my neck(remember, I was 15, weighed 110 #’s soaking wet, may have reached 5’1″ by then… maybe:), was unarmed and was peacefully and calmly walking with a friend down the driveway to the car that we planned to leave in. I was also one of the first to follow the orders from the police to leave the party
    and abuse others, one of whom is now one of those animals in blue_ who was strangling me

    *local HS baseball coach at the time**
    * also now insurance sales’man’ (for daddy’s company)

    ** The wrestling coach at same HS(and others in same HS) was a Pedophile whom I helplessly watched sodomize a young boy while being held down by five of his friends who did so at the threat of being beaten(more) w/with a cane if they didn’t comply. This cane had a solid brass duck on top and he would scream “quack!” as he ruthlessly hit young, some of who he’d already forced to be naked, boys with it at full force until only one was not so broken that he’d follow orders to lay down naked so he could sodomize me with his hand! This is why he needed the beaten and broken to hold me down. This man was about 6’2″ and somewhere between 225-270 pounds!!!!!!

    ************BEST OF ALL************
    Under the “Punish the Victim/Reward the Animal” mentality that is so very prevalent in these situations and with LAO’s
    This sick violent ‘man’ WAS RECENTLY INDUCTED INTO THE COLLEGIATE COACHING **HALL-OF-FAME** for wrestling. He moved on to the University in town, ROGER WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY LOCATED IN BRISTOL, RI as a COACH, and also ATHLETIC DIRECTOR. ALL THIS AFTER BEING FORCED FROM HIS HS COACHING POSITION DUE TO HIS being sued and settling(LOSING) out of court for the beating and whatever else he and the complicit school dept./assistant coach(also booted for keeping his mouth shut)/etc., etc. kept from the public.
    Anyone who’s ever tried to go after him, no statute of limitations on First Degree(penetration/sodomy), has suffered at the hands of the local LAO’s who have a few of his victims on the payroll and disgusting smear campaigns and accusations of going after money when no victim of his sexual assaults even ever hired a lawyer(big mistake) before going to the State Police(who took it serious but due to the lies of his victims who almost all of whom have gone into law enforcement of the military, and have also committed suicide(RIP Dean!) or attempted it. Drug addiction and alcohol abuse, self-loathing and more are common among his victims.

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