How To Watch NFL Games Without Cable

We all have our favorite sport that we never want to miss out on, especially if it the most popular sport in the US like the NFL. Problems come when you can’t watch it because of certain reasons. Most NFL fans know that you need cable to be able to watch the game. However, in the case that you don’t have the cord to access the NFL network because of reasons like the cable contract being expensive, worry not. We are here to show you how you can watch NFL with no cable.

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Amazon Prime

You can watch the games that will be available on Prime. All the Thursday night games that are broadcasted on Fox, you can watch them here. You can also stream them on Amazon twitch video, meaning that you don’t even need an amazon membership to be able to watch them. So, in case you don’t have access to NFL network, this is a great substitute. Some casinos usa also offer some sports highlights.

PlayStation Vue

This option is more like Sling TV. You can subscribe to watch your games, but you can cancel whenever you want to. So, when you have subscribed you get stream cable channels to many devices, you may want to stream the games. The packages are reasonable and you get added local NFL sports channels which you can enjoy.


For the local team fans, an antenna is a good way to watch your games. All you need is to choose the one that goes well with your needs because there are plenty of those on the market. You get to watch regional games played on Sunday afternoon, and many more, and for free too.

There is also another way that can work if you want to save money. You can simply ask for another person’s login details. But this depends on, of course, their package. You can get access to many channels, including NFL networks online. Another good idea is to play top casino sites games and win real money. This way, you can afford your own cable.

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