Casino Secrets Unveiled

When it comes to the casino industry, they’re in business to make money just like any other company. The difference is that the way they make their money is by giving players a good time. The better the time, the more money that is spent in this industry so it works out for both the player and casino. Like any other business, casinos have their secrets which may or may not seem apparent to the players who visit them.

There are several ways that casinos get their players to spend more money. Sometimes the money spent isn’t even necessarily on the games. As online casinos have become increasingly popular, to maintain a competitive edge land based casinos have turned to providing alternative forms of entertainment. As many patrons have noticed gaming floors are shrinking, yet casino buildings themselves are getting larger. This is to accommodate for the social experience that only land based casinos can provide. Large bar areas, lounges, clubs, restaurants and even full featured golf courses all calling for more fun at the expense of the player’s wallet. In this article we will cover some of the casino industry’s best kept secrets.

Keeping you in the casino, longer

Everything from how the building was built to the distracting nature of some of the entertainment was designed to help the players lose track of time. Some casinos go as far as having their buildings constructed without windows while keeping the clocks hidden from players. In party cities like Las Vegas, you’ll even find stripper poles and parties directly across the gaming floor, in an attempt to keep you distracted while playing Blackjack or similar table games. These small features keep the players betting big. In addition to the fun atmosphere being offered, players will often get comped food, drinks and even hotel stays. When in reality, most of the players who feel they are being treated like VIP, actually end up spending a ton of cash during game play.

Lengthy Games

The exciting nature of slot games is what brings people in and keeps them playing for hours. If you’ve ever played a slot game, you’ll either have the shirt taken right off of your back within a matter of minutes or you’ll play and continuously bounce up and down before realizing that you aren’t getting anywhere. Slots are big money makers for the casino because every time you spin the wheel, a portion of what you are playing goes into the casino’s account and this number only goes up with games like progressives. Relatively speaking, and excluding the extremely lucky, the majority of players will walk out of the casino with less money than they came with.

Security has eyes… everywhere

Okay of course, privacy laws still apply here so players won’t need to worry about security having eyes in the bathrooms or their hotel rooms. Aside from these places, expect to have eyes on you at all times. Casino executives have said in the past that they are able to zoom in on cards as well as put together a timeline of events from the player’s first step in the casino to the moment they leave. One of the places that isn’t monitored as much is the poker room. While many would think at first glance that a room dedicated to just one game would be pretty important, a small detail that is often overlooked is the fact that poker is played against other players instead of the house and therefore, theft is minimal.

Security has eyes… on the dealers too

Unfortunately some of the biggest amounts of theft come from the dealers at the casinos. Most of the time they’re caught simply taking one chip too many when it comes to tipping. This is when things become messy between the management team and the casino employees. When this happens, there are several different outcomes depending on the establishment and their policies. At some casinos, when a dealer is caught stealing they will be taken away in cuffs, mid game, in front of everyone. This walk of shame is typically localized to Las Vegas. In other places, theft by dealers is handled much differently but almost always ends in an arrest being made.

Bonus fun fact: The casino industry employs more than the airline industry which is widely categorized as one of the biggest employers in America. From the taxes paid and the employees filtering their money through the economy, when you think about it casinos can be a pretty great asset to the communities that they are placed in.

With the above information kept in mind, and a little self control you can both protect your wallet and have a great experience when visiting the casino. Gambling is after all, the only form of entertainment where you even have the opportunity to leave with more money then you came with. One hard learned tip is to never bring more money then you intend to spend into the casino. Follow that single piece of advice and you can safely enjoy all the benefits the casino may try to entice you with, and that can be your own personal casino secret.

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